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Welcome to ADAX

Our professional staff is able to resolve any IT related issue your business or organization may encounter. We guarantee full customer satisfaction and we always deliver our services on time and on budget.

Your cost conscious IT Solution

Faced with increased competition and an unpredictable business environment, many small and medium sized companies recognize the need to become more flexible, not only to succeed but also to survive current economic conditions. In order to stay competitive many firms have taken steps to restructure their operations. To achieve these objectives companies tend to focus on their core business, while outsourcing many non-core functions including administrative, manufacturing, and IT.

ADAX  provides companies with a total solution. We will provide your business with an IT department that can handle all your IT needs.

Why outsource your IT department?

    Receive top-notch service no matter where you are. With remote network monitoring and advanced remote management tools, ADAX can oversee your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, and provide your business with instant solutions so that your network will always run at peak efficiency.

    Pay only for what you need. Why pay for a full time internal IT staff when ADAX can provide better service for on average of the price. Look in our link to testimonials.

    Lower payroll and expenses. Pay for outsourced help as you need it; with ADAX service packages we offer a wide range of IT solutions. Plus your company can purchase only the support hours you need thus eliminating your need for full time IT staff.

    Eliminate training and recruiting headaches. It's not just the high cost of paying for IT department; it is extremely important to maintain a well trained department. Likewise having to hire new staff can be difficult and time consuming as well. Let ADAX solve these problems for you.

    Get the best service. ADAX competes for your business on quality of service and pricing, resulting in a wide range of options to suit almost any business need.

Therefore ADAX solution brings all your IT needs together into one integrated package solving all your business' network, hardware, and software needs.



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