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Reliable and timely Adax IT services

We are committed to making you more effective and efficient in your day to day operations, while at the same time significantly reducing your IT related costs. Adax can assist you in identifying all of your IT needs and provide you with a full range of professional IT support services when and where you need them:
  • Network design and system administration for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems
  • New LAN and systems set-up and configuration
  • Existing LAN modification and systems upgrades and maintenance
  • Support of all Microsoft operating systems and applications
  • Backup solutions
  • Corporate and local anti virus protection software
  • Internet connection, Windows and Linux FTP servers and mail servers
  • Installing and maintaining security firewall servers (Windows and Linux)
  • Hardware and software installation, set-up and troubleshooting

Adax offers flexible service packages to suit your needs

Adax can provide you with the specialized IT services you need either on an as requested basis or as part of a monthly service package, services such as: data base administration, project management, software training, and more.

Our standard preventive maintenance and IT support monthly service bundles all include computer network, hardware and software support, Internet, e-mail support, system review, research, break-fix service, a detailed monthly summary of activities, and a monthly server patch update session. You can take advantage of one of our standard monthly service packages or we can custom tailor a service package to suit your specific requirements.

Standard monthly service bundles are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

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