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We were experiencing a series of ongoing problems with our Internet access and ADAX was recommended to us by one of our clients. An ADAX technician quickly isolated and solved our problems. As an unexpected bonus, ADAX discovered that we were paying for a service that we had cancelled two years earlier.

ADAX implemented reliable web access, saved us $250.00 a month by discovering the cancelled service, and even negotiated a two-year rebate for us on the cancelled service. ADAX helped us with other problems as well. Our office was running Windows 98 and we had no Internet security or effective virus protection. Our network was very slow, and our systems were constantly infected with spy-ware and other viruses.

After assessing our network and security requirements ADAX discovered that the Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition we had purchased as our security software was never installed or configured properly, which left us open to viruses and had a significant impact on our network speed.

ADAX provided us with an updated firewall as well as optimizing our security software and centralizing it through the server. Since these changes have been implemented we have operated in a fast and virus free network environment.

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